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Walking Through the Shadows

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Roy saw many miracles through his cancer journey with stage 4 lymphoma. Walking through the shadow of death, as the Psalmist refers to in Psalm 23, Roy shares about his fears, the valleys, and that bad and good things can co-exist. Whether you are going through a trial yourself, or you are walking through a trial with someone else, this book will give you encouragement, will uplift you, and will give you hope!

“The only person that sees a miracle, is the person that needs a miracle.” – Roy Mack

Knowing Jesus

What it means to have a real relationship with Him. Do you have a real relationship with Jesus or do you know about Jesus? Whether you would like this book for yourself or to give to a coworker, friend, or family member, Roy shares what it means to know Jesus as if you were sitting together enjoying a cup of coffee. This is a small booklet There is no charge for this book.
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Devotional Book

Everyday Joy and Peace

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Respected Voices Speak about
Walking Through the Shadows

I had no idea how much I needed this book! I have been walking through my own shadows since December 5, 2022, when I first received my diagnosis. My cancer story is very different from Roy’s, but he and April have put into words so many of the thoughts and conflicting emotions I have struggled to express. I am so thankful they are sharing their story. It has been a timely and deeply personal reminder of how the Lord has carried me through the ups and downs of this walk. I know this book will be an encouraging resource for anyone who is struggling on their journey through cancer.
Jennifer Kyle,
Cancer Survivor
As a caregiver for my wife who battled cancer in a desperate way, I see the helpfulness of this book for the patient, the caregiver, and all those involved. Roy and April Mack give an accurate picture of the cancer journey and its brutal fight, but most importantly they point everyone to hope—hope for the battle, hope in the aftermath, and hope for eternity. God’s hand is most definitely upon this book because His hand is evident upon the writers of this book.
Brent Snook,
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glen Este, Batavia, Ohio
Knocked the air out of me, then gave me hope. I lived with Roy and April on every page of their journey. We’re all facing life and its toughest challenges, and this book gives us a game plan we need.”
Kirk Nowery,
President, Hope Partners International
As you read this wonderful book, you will know why we feel so honored to be friends with Roy and April. In telling their story, they are honest, transparent, and vulnerable. In true Mack style, they will encourage you, lovingly speak truth to you, share some down-to-earth practicality, and even fill your life with laughter.
David and Donna Janney,
Founders of World Hope
When I picked up Walking Through the Shadows, I expected that its applied principles would help me to help others. I hadn’t read very far, however, before the principles and truths began shouting convincing and convicting words to my own struggles and needs. It was through tears that I made my way through to the last powerful page.
Johnny Hunt,
Johnny Hunt Ministries
Pastor Roy Mack has given us a unique treasure in Walking Through the Shadows. He writes with the tenderness, impact, and hope of one who knows what it’s like to travel the journey himself. This book is a must-read for anyone who’s dealing with a life-altering illness.
Mark Hoover,
Senior Pastor, New Spring Church of Wichita, Kansas
Roy and April are the real deal. This book kept my attention so completely that I couldn’t lay it down. We could all hope and pray to respond like they did when we go through our shadows.
Paula Agan,
Co-founder, Connexus Group
Trials in life are inevitable—we know that. What’s important is how we respond when they come. In Walking Through the Shadows, Roy and April Mack share their difficult encounter with cancer. Despite the many heavy moments in the book, I found it most encouraging. I couldn’t put it down.
Tim Lee,
President, Tim Lee Ministries
I was one of Roy’s ICU nurses, and I’m honored that he shared an early copy of his book with me. Roy has done an unbelievable job of sharing his journey. I felt as if I were with him the entire way. I cried through his suffering, smiled through his recovery, and even had some laughs along the way. Walking Through the Shadows has given me new hope for the shadows I face.
Trish Jaloski,
UH Seidman Cancer Center ICU Nurse


April provides coaching to women in ministry, business people, premarital coaching/counseling, etc.